Brixham date for inspirational singer Samantha and her 1960s show

Torbay Weekly

Is Brixham slipping into a 1960s time warp?

Last Saturday, it was the Beach Boyz and this Saturday - October 9 - Dusty, Cilla, Lulu and Pet are due to descend on the fishing town.

This is remarkable enough but even more so as all four singers and their songs are recreated by one woman, Samantha.

She is an exceptional vocalist who excels in many different genres and who has packed a huge amount into her career over the past six years.

She has performed around the world including Las Vegas, South Africa and Japan, where she surprised the audience by singing in Japanese.

Fortunately, her linguistic skills will not be required at Brixham Theatre; English will suffice.

Samantha is a classically trained soprano, closest in voice to Julie Andrews  - her idol - along with Maria Callas.

However, she simply likes to sing great songs.

For her first touring show, Sounds Like the Seekers, she focused on their music of the 1970s and now the 1960s with songs by Dusty Springfield, Cilla Back, Lulu and Petula Clark.

The show is a homage to perhaps the four greatest female voices that defined a decade.

Many of their songs are practically imprinted on the musical brains of those of us who were lucky enough to experience the ‘Swinging Sixties’ but also have fresh potential appeal for new, present-day audiences, both young and old.

The performance includes iconic hits such as Downtown, Shout, This is My Song, If You Go Away, Anyone Who Had a Heart, Alfie, You’re My World, You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me, This is My Song and many more.

Through the magic of theatre, Dusty, Cilla, Lulu and Pet will transport you to a television studio for a typical 1960s music show.

Don’t worry, although back then there were only two television channels and much of the output was still in black and white, the show is in full colour with a superb backing band of four talented, professional musicians.

There is Paul Johnson on drums, who has played in about every style of music, rock, pop, ceilidh, oompah, brass band and folk.

Ben Taylor features on bass guitar and divides his time between his passion for playing and his other calling, working as a luthier on double basses and violins.

Owen Jones, on guitar, is skilled in many kinds of music and has a first-class degree in music and a masters with distinction. In addition to electric guitar he plays upright bass, banjo, mandolin, saxophone, cor anglais, percussion and even the Irish tin whistle.

The fourth member is Arthur Rathbone Pullen on keyboard. Besides being an accomplished musician, he is also a successful composer and producer. His clients include the BBC.

The thing that makes this show even more incredible is the fact that Samantha is autistic.

Off stage, like many autistic people, she finds life difficult. However, once on stage she is totally relaxed and in control.

Maybe she will inspire someone out there who is wondering what they can do to help themselves make a better life, and to feel good, at ease and connected with the world.

Samantha was truly born to perform. Also, as she says, she is no good at anything else. This is, of course, quite untrue. She is a great baker and devotes a vast amount of her time to caring for a brood of chickens, and her pet peacocks and emus.

Dusty, Cilla, Lulu and Pet, Brixham Theatre, Saturday October 9 - for tickets, call the box office on 01803 415987 or go to Tickets are also available at the box office, in person, on the evening of the show. Price £18, concessions £16