Bowling: Paignton win annual shield competition

Torbay Weekly

Sunday, August 29, saw the second game of the Presidents' Shield between Paignton Bowling Club and Paignton Torbay Bowling Club - an annual competition, the winner being the team with aggregate score of the home and away fixture.

The first game PBC were at home with this game being abandoned, after about eight ends, due to the poor weather, where PTBC took a lead of 21 shots into the second round.

PBC had a good afternoon of bowling with only one rink being beaten and their total score being 131 (PBC) to 94 (PTBC), even taking into account the first match score, PBC came back with the shield.

Scores: T. Leach 26 v A Roundsley 8; M Stephen 20 v A Griffen 13; B Smith 22 v D Crown 20; J Wray 10 v J Deaville 26; P Gerry 31 v J Callard 10; J Stewart 22 v M Savage 17.