Mystery at the Palace Theatre - Photo by Mark Wilkins

Bijou show has Christie at her best

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On these hot summer days, and nights, The Palace Theatre in Paignton is taking us on a pulsating mystery tour, a story straight from the wonderful mind of our very own Agatha Christie.

The Unexpected Guest will leave audiences asking questions to the final scene and the answers are often more incredible than ever imagined.

On a dark and misty night, a man stumbles up to a house having run his car off the road. The French windows are open and he enters to find a dead body and a wo man holding a gun.

For some inexplicable reason, he decides he wants to help her. But is she really the one who shot him or is she covering for someone else?

The police are baffled by a set of fingerprints that cannot be identified. They appear to belong to nobody in the house. The dead man, Richard Warrick, was a very nasty character and had made enemies, including McGreggor, the father of the boy he ran over whilst drunk at the wheel of the car. There are so many possibilities, so many suspects, so many lies.

The Unexpected Guest - Photo by Mark Wilkins
The Unexpected Guest - Photo by Mark Wilkins

This is Agatha Christie at her best, keeping the secrets until the last page. The audience are in for a thrilling evening – and will they guess the twist at the end or not?

Bijou Theatre Productions are so pleased to be presenting The Unexpected Guest for their Summer Season and we welcome back some really firm favourites: Andrew Brazier, who started his acting career with the company many years ago, is playing the Detective. Dan Sheppard, who has toured all over the country, is back as Jan.

Other familiar faces are Maggie Campbell, Pam White, Rachel Satturly, Richard Bearne, Martin Christopher, Stuart Sutherlang and Stephem McKeating. Above all we are delighted that James Mackenzie Thorpe is playing the mysterious stranger.

The Unexpected Guest runs at The Palace Theatre in Paignton at 7.30pm every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday up to July 26th.

You can get your tickets at the box office or at

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