Ben Purser

Ben proves you're never too old for a challenge!

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80 kilometres is a long way. Multiply it by three, and it is a very long way. Especially if you are in your 80th year!

Ben Purser, who was born bang in the middle of an air raid in August 1942, will start his triathlon with an 80k walk on Saturday (23rd July), he will trek from Sidmouth to the Torbay RNLI Boathouse in Brixham, via Exmouth Lifeboat Station, Exeter Quays and Teignmouth Lifeboat Station. He hopes to finish on July 26. Friends, relatives and anyone else keen to raise money, are welcome to join him.

On Saturday July 30, Ben will cycle 80K ride around the Exe Estuary Trail. Again any supporters keen to help raise fund and have a bicycle, will be welcome to tag along.

After that, Ben will either attempt an 80k row on his beloved machine in his garage, or following a recent injury whilst training, may have to repeat his 80K ride, although this time around the Plym Valley Trail. Check out his page link to Ben’s Just Giving page for updates.

Ben has been supporting the RNLI since joining the Royal Navy over 60 years ago. He has since run his own company in Torquay, been a JP for 24 years as well as local Church warden. He is heavily involved in his local community wherever and whenever possible. For the last 10 years he has been a  volunteer Sea Safety Advisor in Torbay.

Funds raised will be split between Torbay RNLI (towards their crew’s Kilimanjaro Challenge 2023) and Anne Robson Trust.

For more information and to donate, visit

The Kilimanjaro Challenge 2023 which will see Brixham RNLI station volunteers take part in a series of relay challenges this year, culminating in eight crew climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in February 2023.

The Kilimanjaro Challenge 2023’ consists of six sequential challenges, including skydiving, endurance swimming, cycling, rowing, driving, and finally hiking to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest freestanding mountain in the world. The entire Torbay lifeboat crew will be attempting different feats that push them outside their comfort zone and experience, with the aim to raise an incredible £60,000 for Torbay RNLI.


The Swim Team
The Swim Team

The challenge is turning from cycle to the next event in the crew’s Kilimanjaro Challenges – The Swim.

The revered Kilimanjaro 2023 flag has been handed over by Mark Criddle from the cyclists, to the safekeeping of Andrew Medley, team leader of the Swim team.

They are due to finish their part of the challenge at Breakwater beach mid-late afternoon of Friday (July 22).

They will be taking on an ambitious circumnavigation of Tor Bay over two days of today (Thursday 21) and tomorrow, a total distance of 20 kms. They will have kayak support from Ibex Canoe Club and several power boats.

, the swimmers will set out on Day 1 from Hope’s Nose for the challenging first leg around Ore Stone, before heading back around Thatcher’s Rock and then track anticlockwise, westwards along the Northern coast to Broadsands beach.

On Day 2, they head out from Broadsands, continuing their anticlockwise circumnavigation but turning out into the Bay at Fishcombe to take a wide berth to avoid our Fishing – and other vessels – transiting Breakwater entrance to the harbour. The swimmers will then track back to Shoalstone and continue on around Berry Head itself before turning back and swimming to Breakwater beach, where they will finish.

If you’re in the area please give them a wave from a safe distance! Better still, please join us in celebrating their safe return to land on the Friday afternoon. And for more information, or to donate to our lifeboat crew’s Kilimanjaro 2023 fundraising challenge for our local station, please visit