Becky Stucky: There's enough to go around- just ignore the scaremongering

Torbay Weekly

Becky Stuckey, a 40-‘something’ mum of two girls who works full-time for the NHS. Brought up in Torquay, she went to Barton infants and juniors and then to Audley Park:

And here we go again, queuing at the petrol pumps - how many times have we been through this?

If were not stock piling toilet rolls, pasta and tins of baked beans, we are panic buying petrol.

Oh, the joys of Covid and Brexit – the gifts that keep on giving.

If people stopped panic buying the fuel there would be enough to go around.

If that isn’t bad enough, the scaremongering has already started about there not being enough food available at Christmas.

I’m sure there will be plenty of food. We are just concerned that there will be no lorry drivers to make the deliveries.

Well, surely with unemployment as bad as it is, there is a very simple solution? No? Or am I just looking at things too simply and through rose-tinted glasses?

We have turkey farms, we grow our own vegetables - so if we need staff to drive the produce surely, we can employ the poor souls who lost their jobs in the pandemic?

Just a thought.

I was listening to the ships sound their horns during the night warning the smaller vessels of the fog.

I then read the hilarious social media comments after someone asked why they were sounding them.

A few of the comments were hilarious, some people really do say the daftest of things - they make me chuckle.

I, myself, am guilty of this... and have made some right faux pas in my time.

I’ve just started helping my youngest with the joys of 11+ prep – oh dear lord!

How on earth is anyone supposed to answer those questions? Verbal and non-verbal reasoning – really, what on earth is it?

Some of the words I didn’t know, so how is a nine year old supposed to?

And, the pictures – find the odd one out, I couldn’t!

Thank goodness for tutors because there is absolutely no way I could pass the 11+ let alone help my daughter study for it!

What with that and my oldest revising quadratic equations, my house is a barrel of laughs.

Let’s hope there is no shortage of wine…