Becky Stuckey: Pushing myself to prove I’m not as old and worn out as I look!

Torbay Weekly

Becky Stuckey, a 40-‘something’ mum of two girls who works full-time for the NHS. Brought up in Torquay, she went to Barton infants and juniors and then to Audley Park:

Well, would you believe it? I spent my Saturday afternoon packing away the summer clothes and shoes - only to wake to glorious sunshine today, spending the day sweating and wishing I was in my shorts and flip flops.

Typical - that just about sums my life up, I must be one of the unluckiest people you know.

I say that, but this week I have had some good luck.

No, I didn’t win the lottery, pools or premium bonds, but I did get a new job.

I could argue that it was my hard work that finally paid off rather than luck as I did prepare and I knew my stuff, but these things need a bit of luck too.

I’m excited and looking forward to the new challenges it will bring, even though it means back to night shifts.

I will miss my colleagues, whose hard work and dedication are to be admired.

Thankfully, I’ll still see them in my new role.

One door closes, another opens.

This week, I’m preparing for the inflatable 5K at Westpoint that I’m taking part in on Saturday.

I say preparing, I’m walking more and going to the gym. I somehow managed to survive Tough Mudder with no prep, so this should be easy - shouldn’t it?

I love things like this. I must be mad, I know, but pushing myself and proving I’m not as old and worn out as I look makes me feel better! I might not be saying that on Saturday night.

Life’s for living and sometimes you need to have a go at these things, don’t you?

Today is one of my oldest friend's birthdays. His comment on Facebook 'God I’m old' got me thinking.

Yes, we are getting old - I’m now the one sat in on a Saturday night watching Strictly and my oldest is out later than I’m able to stay awake.

I do love the change of season, dark nights snuggled under a blanket, watching Strictly with a nice glass of wine, good food and a bar of chocolate.