Becky Stuckey: Leaking pipes and flat battery... am I jinxed?

Torbay Weekly

Blimey, I’m sure it was only five minutes ago that I was writing last week's column.

How quickly are these weeks flying by?

This week has gone so quickly I don’t feel that I’ve done anything worth writing about. I don’t even think I have any moans this week either!

As I sit here trying to think about what’s happened in the news, I start to worry that I’m losing my marbles as I really can’t remember.

I think I must have got lost in the new school year upset, and didn’t have the energy to register life outside these four walls.

Saying that, it hasn’t been too bad a week.

The girls went off to school without too much drama and I, in typical Becky style, I continue to win the worse parent in the world award as I didn’t post a picture of my little darlings on their first day in their uniforms.

I’m sure you’ll forgive me. Let’s be honest, the likelihood of me being allowed to take a photo of the stroppy teenager at 7.30am is not a battle I’m prepared to engage in for anyone!

Needless to say, my girls looked lovely, and funnily enough they are taller than they were last year.

I have managed to change the taps in my bathroom - no, not on my own, with help.

Rather pleased with the result, until today when I discovered a waterfall running down my wall from the old copper pipe leaking.... just my luck.

My neighbour, who helped with these matters, informed me that I must be jinxed, and I’m inclined to agree, as on Saturday after 10-minute stop at the supermarket - and I mean 10 minutes - I came out to a car with a flat battery.

Luckily, my uncle was on hand with a set of jump leads.

I’ve started to believe I really am jinxed.