Becky Stuckey: I pushed myself... but completed amazing Tough Mudder

Torbay Weekly

This week has been a good week - my best friend of 26 years came to stay, I passed my exam and yesterday my gym buddies and I completed Tough Mudder in the beautiful grounds of the Badminton estate.

Ten miles and 25 obstacles, in the pouring rain through mud, horse poop, electric wires, freezing cold and muddy water, plus barbed wire-covered trenches – it was amazing!

I signed myself up two years ago when I was slightly fitter - and younger - and had more time on my hands and was a regular attender at Diverse Fitness classes.

Not one to give in or back out, I went.

I pushed myself from the start to the finish and, I mean push.

I am not fit, I’m carrying more weight than I ever have and I am not a runner.

The most I have ever managed was a 5K once, and had to stop and walk twice during it.

I had not trained and I had absolutely no idea what I was letting myself in for.

However, with encouragement from my team mates and perseverance, I did it in three-and-a-half hours and crossed the line with my team, a very exhilarating feeling.

So, I encourage you all to push yourselves out of your comfort zone and do something that will challenge you whatever it is – go for it!

Today, I can barely move, every bit of me is hurting and I look like I’ve just done ten rounds with Mike Tyson but it was so worth it.

So much so that when one of the group members suggested taking part in the last ever Rat Race next year - 13 miles and 150 obstacles.

I found my phone has been out of charge all day and so I have not, yet, been able to respond... but knowing me, I’ll be daft enough to give it a go.

For now, I’m going to top up on the painkillers and hit the hay with my hot water bottle and hope that I regain the ability to walk, so I can work tomorrow.