Becky Stuckey: I just don’t understand how the consumer industry works

Torbay Weekly

Hope you all had a fantastic Easter weekend; the sun was shinning and outdoor sports resumed.

Apparently, the world had gone Easter egg buying mad and by Good Friday there wasn’t a chocolate egg to be had in any supermarket from here to Timbuktu.

Funny really as they have been in our supermarkets since Boxing Day – yes, that’s right Boxing Day!

I can’t imagine why no-one thought to buy their Easter eggs on Boxing Day and have them already and waiting for Easter to arrive - some three months later with it going mouldy in a cupboard. You know that safe place you put stuff, then can’t remember where it is when you actually need it, and then you find it six months later? I mean, how ridiculous...

If anyone of you had seen me in a supermarket just after Christmas when I was confronted with a row of eggs and hot cross buns, you would have heard me, in my slightly disgruntled way, proclaim: “Christmas isn’t over yet and they are selling Easter eggs!' as loudly as I could before my teenager gave me the ‘daughter death stare’ and told me to behave as I was such an embarrassment.

Well, really, do we really need to be rushing through the seasons this quickly? Can’t we enjoy one event before the shop are ramming the next one down our throats?

It wasn’t like this in my day. I would have gone crazy with the never-ending wait for it to be Christmas Eve and to wake up to with presents around the tree.

I remember a couple of years we booked a last-minute holiday and my youngest had had a growth spurt so had nothing to wear abroad - remember holidays abroad?! - so off we went to Exeter to buy a few summer essentials only to find that the summer clothes had been replaced with the ‘new autumn and winter collections’ – in July!

And, yes, you are correct – the shelves were no longer filled with sun cream, swimwear and sunglasses. No, they were full of Christmas cards. Did I mention it was July?

Maybe it’s me, maybe the older I get the more sentimental I am about time and how quickly it seems to be disappearing or maybe I just don’t understand how the consumer industry works.

Needless to say, my poor girl was going to be poured into clothes that were too tight and/or short, and so I wandered around the shops letting all the sales staff know how damn ridiculous it was that we couldn’t buy summer clothes in the summer. Victor Meldrew has nothing on me.

Moan over.