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Be Careful What You Wish For - Sally Allen

Sally Allen

By the time you read this, we will be left with two candidates to fight it out for the most important role in our country, and at a very scary time politically. Not just here, but worldwide, so whomever ends up in the last two, the eventual winner will not only take on the leadership of the Conservative party and become our Prime Minister, they will represent us on the world stage!

As I said, totally scary. The main problem for me is that I can’t actually see any of the last five, as I write this, having the gravitas to sit down with Putin and hold any level of discussion or, to represent us at a G7 gathering. Liz Truss has shown herself to be completely wooden in debate, Penny Mordaunt is far too lightweight and woke. I really like Kemi Badenoch but I think this opportunity is too soon for her, but I think she has a strong chance in the future. Rishi Sunak is basically just too rich to communicate with the average person living in the U.K. and although he had a great Covid, many will hold that against him However, I think he will win, but I am not sure he has the cojones for the world stage. My favourite is Tom Tugendhat, who I think has great qualities, but sadly I don’t think he has a prayer of winning.

Boris, love him or hate him, was extremely good on the world stage, but is an extremely flawed human being. But then who isn’t? Boris is a bit of a mental street fighter and is therefore totally at home facing-up to bullies and maniacs like Putin but, can also use his charm when required. Now I understand, Trump is definitely considering standing for President again. If he achieves this, and I can only hope that he won’t for all our sakes. If he gets in again, it will be like adding a vast amount of gasoline to the fire that is already burning – but with the potential to flare into a world war in a heartbeat with the wrong person at the helm in USA.

We have been fortunate in history at times of great necessity, that cometh the hour cometh the man, or woman. Clearly Churchill stands out head and shoulders above most politicians, he was a truly flawed human being, but when it counted he had the gravitas and ability on a world stage to unite world leaders and was an outstanding communicator. You can’t learn this.

The most successful world leaders always have incredible charisma and communication skills. They are vital ingredients in the character of a leader, because without them you can’t get people to follow you. Obviously, charisma can be used for bad as well as good, indeed Hitler was reputed to have a messianic power that ended with millions being exterminated in horrific circumstances.

So, let’s go back to the five hopefuls, who are going to be whittled down to two this week by self-serving MPs who are no doubt doing much horse trading on jobs for themselves before making their selection, and before the rank and file or the Conservative party get to vote. It beats me that Penny Mordaunt is even standing, let alone that it has been reported by a YOU Gov poll that she has 73 per cent of the members vote. For heavens sake, can you really see her going up against Putin or Trump???

At this moment in history, we desperately need strong leadership skills and frankly, I am not too concerned about their personal flaws. It takes a different kind of person to lead a country and most of the successful leaders seem to have had overactive libidos. Kennedy managed to avert World War 3 with the Bay of Pigs debacle by the seat of his pants. This underlines that being a world leader is not for the faint hearted.

In 2018, probably nobody had considered that Volodymyr Zelenskyy, an actor and comedian, would be taking the oath of office to become President of the Ukraine on  May 20, 2019. From nowhere he has flourished and is the perfect example of cometh the hour cometh the man. He also has cart loads of charisma. I hope that the UK will be as fortunate with our next Prime Minister. At this stage we have no idea of the depth of character of the five candidates – so be careful what you wish for.