Bay shivered in Febrrrr-uary weather

Joseph Bulmer

Febrrrr-uary in Torbay was cold.

The month's summary comes from former deputy meteorologist Mark Rowe with data supplied by Mark Baker of Oldway, Paignton.

Total rainfall was 86 mm or 3.4 ins, exactly average of the long term recordings for February

February 2020 recorded 212mm and February 2019 , 59mm

Wettest day was February 19 with 17mm. There were seven dry days and four with 'a trace' recorded.

Granular snow showers and flurries fell on February 8, 9, 9th , 10 and 11 with sleet on February 13, during the morning.

Temperatures did not exceed 3c on the days from February 8 to 11 making this the coldest spell in about three years

There was a light dusting of snow in higher Chelston on February 10 and 11. No air frost was recorded, however.

The maximum temperature was 15.8c, about 60f  on February 24 and to date, this is the warmest day of the year so far.