Bay politicians in cautious welcome to Covid 'Freedom Day'

Torbay Weekly

Torbay politicians are giving mixed responses to so-called ‘freedom day’ - with some urging residents to remain cautious as Covid cases continue to rise sharply in Bay.

Speaking ahead of Monday’s easing of restrictions, Torbay MP Kevin Foster said: “Ultimately we had to make a decision.

“We have seen numbers increase but we have not seen the rise in hospitalisations we saw back in January.

“It’s probably the right time to make the move.”

Torbay recorded 682 cases in week to 13 July, a rate of 501 infections per 100,000 people, a third higher than the UK average of 376 per 100,000.

The country registered a total of 251,253 new Covid cases in the same period.

Two patients died at Torbay Hospital on Monday, July 12, the first in four months in Torbay and in two months for Devon.

Councillor Jackie Stockman), who is Torbay’s Cabinet member for adult services and public health, encouraged caution: “We are all wanting to return to business as usual and while the easing of restrictions is a key milestone, it comes at a time when rates of infection in Torbay are rising rapidly.

“It is prudent for us to act responsibly to prevent further increases.

“This means meeting in small groups and outdoors where possible; continuing to work from home and wearing face masks/coverings in enclosed and crowded spaces.”

Cllr Stockman’s shadow Cabinet opposite, Councillor Jane Barnby, tentatively welcomes easing of restrictions.

“I think you have to open up sometime,” she said. “This time of the year is probably the safest but I think it’s quite correct for us to all use our digression in our choices of how we continue.

“Instead of it being governmental, it is now up to the person in the street.

“I will remain cautious. That’s not to say I won’t mix with people, but I will remain cautious.

“I think there is a fair amount of caution around considering the number of new cases that we have in the Bay.”

As of Friday, July 16, 84 per cent of adults In Torbay have had their first dose, while 71 per cent had both doses.