Bay needs to build up to 600 new homes a year - but where?

Torbay Weekly

Torbay is being asked to build between 560 and 600 new houses a year - but the million dollar question is where?

Now residents are being offered the chance of having their say on coming up with the answers.

Torbay Council is carrying out a review of its housing supply, linked to the Local Plan, and want to get feedback on five options.  
Housing need in Torbay is set by a formula which is given to the local authority by the Government. This formula, known as the 'standard method, sets the minimum number of new homes that areas should seek to meet and in Torbay this figure is set at between 560 to 600 a year
This consultation looks at the options available on how this figure of new housing can be met, taking into account environmental and other constraints in the Bay and where housing developments could go over the next decade.  
Maps and information on each of the options, including their advantages and disadvantages, can be found on Torbay Council’s website.
The council wants to hear from as many people as possible before they prepare the next stage of the process, which will include the preferred option from this consultation.
The online questionnaire is available on the Local Plan Update webpages and the consultation is open until 12 noon on Monday February 28.

Mike Morey, Cabinet Member for Infrastructure, Environment and Culture, said: “We know that we face difficult choices in looking to find new land for housing and this consultation shows that our priority is to maximise the use of brownfield land and regenerate urban areas.

"However, we do have to consider other options, particularly as there is a real need for affordable housing in Torbay.    
“No decision has been made about any of these options or sites. We really want to get views of our residents before preparing what the preferred option is,."

To read more about why the council is carrying out this consultation, why the Local Plan is regularly reviewed and see the previous consultation on identifying sites that could be developed on, please visit the council’s website.