Bay donates £25,000 to aid Ukrainian humanitarian effort

Torbay Weekly

Torbay Council has donated £25,000 to support those in need who are fleeing from the atrocity in Ukraine.

The donation, approved at the Council meeting held on 3 March, will be made to the Disasters Emergency Committee Ukraine Appeal to support the people of Ukraine. The UK Government will match donations up to £20m, meaning that this will result in £50,000 to support the people of Ukraine.

Torbay residents who would like to support the humanitarian effort are encouraged to make charitable donations though reputable aid organisations. Advice from the British Red Cross and The Salvation Army is charities working on the ground in Ukraine are closest to the people that need help and will be some of the best informed on how to use donations to the greatest impact.

Whilst it is recognised that people want to do something practical to help, sending shipments of physical items is expensive, time consuming and creates additional burdens for charities working on the front line to sort and store items.

A dedicated ‘Torbay stands with Ukraine’ page has been set up on the Council’s website. Local residents are able to find details of national agencies taking donations directly to support those affected by the conflict, in addition to the Disasters Emergency Committee Ukraine Appeal.

Torbay has a large eastern European community, many who may have loved ones living in and fleeing Ukraine. Torbay residents are encouraged to support their neighbours, friends and colleagues by checking in on those who may be affected.

In anticipation of UK local authorities being asked to offer homes to Ukrainian refugees, the council is renewing its plea to those who may be able to offer suitable self-contained accommodation to get in touch with the housing team on

Cllr Darren Cowell, Deputy Leader of the Council, said; “The men, women and children of Ukraine are currently living through unimaginable circumstances and many of us want to support this humanitarian crisis. We were unanimous in our decision that we should make a donation to the Disasters Emergency Committee Ukraine Appeal to support Ukrainians fleeing to safety.”