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Torbay Weekly

I was recently informed that we had just sent out our 1,000th Mp3 this year for those with dementia to help improve their quality of life.

We have been doing this for three years now and all absolutely free, no charge whatsoever including postage, etc, we pay for all of it through fundraising.

If anybody wonders what kind of cost we are talking about, then the Mp3s shipped in from abroad cost about £10.00 each but then we also have to buy a memory card to go with it (Approx £4.00) and then, of course, we have on top of that the postage and packaging costs. I will let you work out how much that comes to per year and all is paid for by wonderful donations and fundraising by families and hard-working volunteers.

Sadly, that’s about 970 around the UK and only about 30 in Torbay due to lack of interest from care homes and nursing homes here in Torbay? We really are at a loss as to why, despite hundreds of emails to all care homes in Torbay

This is Just a Tiny Portion of feedback for example’s we have received:

“We have a lady who has very advanced dementia and is "locked-in" with very little communication. The instant we put her mp3 player on, the lady's face lit up with the biggest smile I have ever seen and she spent the morning tapping her feet and nodding along to the music.”

“Another lady with very advanced dementia suffers from severe body tremors but when we put on the lady's mp3 player, carers have noticed that she seems a lot more settled and that her body tremors seem less obvious. The lady has been seen smiling a lot more often when listening to her music as well.”

“One gentleman has mild dementia but has very poor sight, so is unable to watch TV. The gentleman has told me he is enjoying his mp3 player as it means he does not sit in silence when in his room. The gentleman has also been bringing his mp3 player to the garden when he waters his plants and can often be heard singing along to the music.”

“The next is a lady who again has advanced dementia and very little communication. The lady can get quite anxious at times but we have all noticed how much calmer she is when listening to her music, she has been seen tapping her feet and bopping along to the music with a big smile on her face.”

The service you offer is such an amazing service and has made a big difference to the residents who have received them.

Many Thanks

Diane @ Fir Villa Residential Home

Hi Norman,

I am really happy as is my mother for the tracks that you loaded up for her as sadly she suffers from Dementia.

I spoke to Mum, who is 90 years old, several weeks ago now after attending the Purple Angels meeting in Newquay with Lynn Bartripp and thought that it would be a massive help for Dementia sufferers.

When I took the MP3 player around to her house I played Que Sera by Doris day and it was as if she came to life. She started singing the tune and it was absolutely amazing.

I can’t thank you enough and so thank you very much.

Kind regards,

Dave Brooks.

Let’s get even more of these fantastic FREE players out to care homes in Torbay.