Back to work after a week to myself

Joseph Bulmer

Well, here we are, August already - how on earth did that happen?

It’s true what they say, time does go quicker the older we get.

Sometimes I do worry about how quickly time is passing and I start to worry about how old I’m getting and then I think about how I won't live forever and start to panic - honestly, how crazy is that?

I’ve had a lovely week - no work and no daughters, yep you heard me I have had a week to myself.

The audacity of me, taking leave for me... of course, the weather was awful - as if I didn’t know that was going to happen - so I couldn’t get out on the paddle board, but I did sort out my garage. Such a rock 'n' roll life I lead.

I have enjoyed doing some bits about the house but what I have enjoyed most is not constantly having to argue about who can play on the PlayStation, what we’re having for dinner and the half-empty washing and ironing basket - it’s the simple things in life…

Unfortunately, it all comes to an end and it’s back to work for me today, a place I used to love going to, but not so much these days.

Being off has made me realise just how much time I spend there and how little I am at home with the girls.

Doesn’t seem right but I guess money doesn’t grow on trees and not having anyone else to share the mortgage and bills means I don’t have a lot of choice, and I am totally aware I am lucky to have a job and roof over my head.

Remember last week I told you about the expensive car trouble I had and the poor service I got from the garage?

Well, they decided to contribute toward my large bill - so sometimes people do come good in the end.

Still won’t be buying another car from them though…!

So happy August everyone! Let’s hope the sun returns for the next four weeks of the summer holidays and remember you can now buy your Christmas cards...