Award-winning chef Peter just loves Devon

Torbay Weekly

Award-winning chef Peter Gorton has revealed why he has signed up for one of the county's top food and drink organisations: "I love Devon."

Peter, who made his name developing some of the best-known restaurants in the West Country, has become a director of Food Drink Devon.

He  has owned and run famous establishments such as West Devon’s Horn of Plenty and Dartmouth’s Carved Angel.

He says he accepted the invitation to join the board because he believes it will be vital for the West Country catering industry to pull together in a post-Covid era, and because he believes the produce of Devon is second to none.

“My heart is in Devon and I wanted to support members of this excellent organisation as best I can from my long experience in the restaurant industry,” says Peter, who lives in Yelverton. “All the directors at Food Drink Devon have a different skill and mine is from the catering side - so whether it’s talking to top hotels or to the local butcher, I am very happy to offer advice.

“We are very lucky to have such a fantastic larder down here and I want people to know and understand that."

Peter, who now acts as a catering industry consultant both in this country and abroad, added: "The directorship is not really about me - I am just someone who goes around giving advice and now I am interested in how we support the food and drink industry after Covid.”

Food Drink Devon director Tom Chartres-Moore said: “The 270 members of our growing organisation are very fortunate indeed to have Peter come on board as he really does have a vast wealth of experience. Having run some of Devon’s top restaurant kitchens, he has been able to observe the whole spectrum of the food and drink industry.

“Peter has recently been in Eastern Europe advising a major player on all these diverse elements of the industry - Food Drink Devon is enormously fortunate to have attracted his services on the board of directors for free.”