Author Cy publishes his 'Mayhem in Africa' special - at age of 97

Torbay Weekly

A South Devon man has proved that age is just a number as he celebrates publishing his second book - at the ripe age of 97.

Cy Charles Ross, who lives in Kingskerswell with his wife Ursula, is celebrating the release of his second book Mayhem In Africa, just four years after he started his career as an author at the age of 93.

A celebrated war veteran, his newest release details his extraordinarily eventful life in Africa in the 1950s, where his experiences included almost getting trampled by an elephant and an unexpected run-in with a pack of lions.

At the tender age of 93, the spritely World War II veteran wrote and released his first book ‘Mayhem in France’, a true-to-life account of his terrifying yet exciting time in WWII as a communications saboteur.
Following positive reviews, and after almost five years in the making, Mayhem in Africa tells the next instalment of Cy’s life working in telecommunications for Her Majesty’s Colonial Service in Kenya and Uganda.

The story paints a vivid picture of life in 1950s Africa from an Englishman’s perspective. The indigenous population was untouched by modern society and the animals were truly wild.

Cy recounts his unbelievable yet true adventures in incredible detail, reminiscing on the sights, sounds and emotions he experienced. His readers are transported to the famous “Lunatic Line”, a perilous train journey through the African landscape. He confronts formidable Mau Mau terrorists and evades ferocious local wildlife.

When asked, “How do you feel about your second book finally being published Cy?”, he responded with, “Mission accomplished! Now I can get on with my third book!”.
His publicist for Mayhem in Africa, Jade Baker-Edwards, said: “After reading Mayhem in France and learning that Cy’s second manuscript was yet to be published, I couldn’t help but step in! I believe the world needs to hear his story and I’m happy to be part of his journey.”

If you would like a copy of Mayhem in France (£6.99 + postage) and Mayhem in Africa (£7.99 + postage), they are available to purchase on eBay. Local collection via (Kingskerswell).