Audition call to young performers

Torbay Weekly

The production company that operates the Babbacombe Theatre in Torquay are putting out a call to all talented young people who aspire to perform and want to invite them to attend an audition for their 2022 seasonal show.

The show runs weekly from February 15 to October 19.

The auditions will be at the venue on Sunday,  November 14, for junior casts from 10.30am and for the senior female dancers from 11.30am.

The junior children should be no younger than six years old, be able to sing especially well, with a strong sense of performance who can dance too.

The senior female dancers must be aged 15 plus and strong in all aspects of dance that can preferably sing also, albeit that is not essential.

There is no maximum age for the juniors but there is a strict maximum height of 4ft 9ins (144.5cms).

The production team are looking for four teams of children, who will alternate performances throughout the year from February to October.

There will be up to 19 performance dates per team. Children with other commitments, including holidays, can be accommodated.

It is suggested parent carers attend the audition with the dates they know their child will be unavailable, so once the selection process has been done, the children’s performance schedule can be worked to accommodate any other commitments.

A Babbacombe Theatre spokesperson said: "All the children will need to sing first, and the production team are providing the backing track for the song, Almost Nearly Perfect, from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, is the song they will need to perform.

"After the vocal audition, the choreographer will teach a short routine, that the children will be asked to perform in groups, so please be dressed to dance and bring jazz shoes or trainers.

"For the senior dancer’s audition, the producer is looking for girls that must have a strong standard in all aspects of dance. Ballet and jazz shoes/trainers will be needed for this audition.

"Routines will be set in commercial dance and lyrical ballet. The girls should all be between 5ft 3ins (160cms) and 5ft 10ins (178cms).

"It is preferred the dancers have a good singing voice and those wishing to audition are invited to sing if they choose to do so, although it is not essential.

"It’s worth noting those wanting to sing will need to provide their own backing tracks. Dancers will need to be at the venue for 11.30am."

Everyone that wants to audition will need to complete a registration form and the seniors are required to register their attendance prior to the audition date by emailing their completed registration form to Sharon Waring via email

All the paperwork is available from the Babbacombe Theatre box office, but can be emailed on request to Sharon, or you can go to the ‘news tab’ on the website to download everything required, inclusive of the rehearsal schedules -