At the moment it's win, win, win - apart from that pesky, healthy-eating mouse

Torbay Weekly

What a week of sport It’s been! Wimbledon, Euro’s and my local cricket team winning! Happy days.

The rain has continued to pour and I'm still waiting for Noah to bring his ark. He is a man and probably doesn’t have sat nav (joking!)

Hopefully this coming week will bring nicer and sunnier weather, and more good sporting results. Mind you, a storm to clear the air wouldn’t go a miss, those of us ladies of a certain age struggle with the humidity.

The excitement on Saturday evening watching the game with my family and friends was great and it was so lovely to be able to do something normal (ish).

Being a superstitious lot, we have all decided to go back to the club on Wednesday and sit in the same seats, just to ensure we get through to the semis. Obviously, I know that it’ll take more than us lot parking our bums on the same chairs for us to win, but every little help’s (tap, tap!). Any way good luck England.

You may remember I told you about my little house guess the other week? The one the cats are too stupid to catch and who’s living happily in my house somewhere, eating its way through wicker baskets, popcorn, and dried soya mince – I know a heathy mouse, who’d have thought?

So, prior to watching the game on Saturday night I spent most of the day cleaning and looking for the ninja mouse, who still today is outwitting us all.

The cats can obviously smell him/her or hear the rustling but ill be damned if they can find it, guess I’d better get a trap and hope that I finally catch the little trickster before a cat does catch it and leave it lying (dead and/or decapitated) on the kitchen floor like one of the good morning gifts I have previously been left.

Mind you if it keeps eating dried soya mince that puffs up on contact with water, I could potentially have a giant mouse growing in my house and I really don’t fancy coming down to find that on the kitchen floor one morning in my slippers and rollers.