Assignment over, now here comes summer!

Torbay Weekly

Baton down the hatches, winter is upon us!

You’ve all been saved from the distress of seeing me in shorts we’re missing the summer season and have gone straight back to winter.

It is typical - as soon as the cricket season starts and lockdown restrictions ease, down comes the rain.

Last year when we were confined to barracks, the weather couldn’t have been more glorious, now we can all go out it’s like a winter’s day.

Mother Nature sure has a wicked sense of humour!

Selfishly, I was quite happy it was a windy and rain-filled weekend. I has an assignment to write so I had no temptation to ‘take a break’ and go out.

In my infinite wisdom, I’ve decide to embark on a masters – yes, I have had better ideas.

I thought it was time to give the old grey matter something to think about... well, I’m not getting any younger - as I’m reminded every morning when I wake up and another bit of me aches - but I thought I’d have a go at keeping one bit of me young while the rest of me starts dropping off or slipping to the floor.

Having spent what seems like a life time reading and researching the subject, I don’t seem to be getting closer to the word count and I am struggling to write in a critical, educated sounding way.

Correct, I am lost for word, not something you have ever struggled with before Becky, I hear you cry, yes alright less of the laughter! So, on that note I’m heading back to the journals to find the remaining 500 words that seem to be escaping me.

I will be hoping for sunshine this coming weekend as the assignment will be submitted and there’s a local derby of a cricket game I’d like to watch, preferably sat outside with a nice cold beverage in my hand, and maybe a picnic with a pork pie and scone, jam and cream, made the Devonian way of course, and on that note I’m off!