Asian hornet pays a visit to Devon Hills

Torbay Weekly

Four young workers from Northamptonshire have captured the mysterious Asian hornet while staying at Devon Hills Holiday Park in Paignton.
Connor Braxton, Kyle Julian, Jared Davis and Sol Paul spotted the hornet while working in a container unit, swiftly placing a jar over the insect, which is indigenous to south-east Asia.
“We saw the hornet and Connor wasted no time in putting it in a jar and taping over the top,” said Kyle. “We did an inspection and this thing was massive.”
There have been a number of sightings across the UK of Asian hornets, which have a dark brown or black velvety body, with yellow-tipped legs and a yellow ban on the abdomen.
The species is no danger to humans, other than a nasty sting, but they could have a devastating impact on British bees and crops.
If you come across one of these unwanted visitors, please let the Environment Agency know as soon as possible.