Army veteran takes on dog-poo litter problem with eco-friendly solution

Torbay Weekly

Torquay-based entrepreneur Nick Avery is on a mission to save our beauty spots from unsightly poo-bag litter with his new invention, Pawfect bags.

Fed up with seeing dog poo-bags scattered across the floor and hung on tree branches on his lockdown walks, Nick took action and designed Pawfect Bags to encourage dog walkers to think twice about dropping their dog litter, creating the ‘pawfect’ solution for the rise in dog waste littering.

The eco-friendly, easy to use, multi-purpose bags have been designed with dog-walkers in mind, m with two removable inner pockets.

The first is to store clean poo bags, dog leads, treats, or anything else you might need while walking your four-legged friend and the other pocket is for used poo bags, keeping them secure until you can return home and put them in the bin.

He said: “I’ve always been an outdoors kind of person. I am sure many dog-owners like me will agree that our four-pawed friends have been a lifesaver during the crisis – whether that be the daily exercise that goes with our passion or the companionship that a pet provides.

"I was a PT and weapons instructor in the Airborne forces and keeping things tidy and deploying and teaching good habits and discipline was the world I knew and still believe in.

“I can’t say when I noticed that trees became the fashionable place to hang full bags of poop, but what I am certain of, is the explosion happened over the last year.

"I couldn’t believe it. In fact, I would believe you more if somebody said this would be an entry for this year’s Turner Prize!

"It’s not only offensive, unsightly and potentially dangerous, but it’s frankly downright rude!

"There’s simply no excuse in 2021 for dog owners to be so lazy and we all know the impact of plastic on our environment, and how our local environment is so important to our mental health.”