Are all green spaces created equal?

Joseph Bulmer

The young boy is reluctant to leave behind the stick he has found on his walk around Oldway gardens. Having arrived back at the car park, he tells mum how essential it is that he take the two-foot bit of tree home as it is very useful indeed, it being a lightsabre, a magic wand, a drawing device, an invaluable digging tool, and more besides.

In return, mum explains how important the stick will be to all the bugs and other things that feed on it as it breaks down; a bit of dead wood transformed into life-giving resource.

Just like the stick, we know that each green space may be many things to one person yet only one thing to others, but does this mean that they should be valued accordingly?

Should a community garden where residents can grow fruit and vegetables be any more important than a garden with formal planting? Or an urban park with play equipment for children be any less important than a bit of woodland used by dog owners to exercise their pets?

Each of these green spaces meet different needs for different people.

Just as no two green spaces are the same, so no two green space groups are alike; yet whatever their aims and the reasons they formed, these groups will almost certainly all need a bit of help at some point.

Which is where the Community Park Rangers and Engagement Officer come in. They are the point of contact for any existing green space group or community wanting to get involved in caring for a green space and can help with a range of things, from supporting a group undertake activities safely to advising on sustainable planting options, and from assisting with activity planning to helping organise additional resources or works.

If you would like help setting up a group or want to get involved with an existing group already caring for Torbay’s Green Spaces, please contact Hannah Worthington by email or tel. 07747 616 075

As to whether the stick made it home…. Well, what do you think?