Annette's new exercise centre just what mum would have ordered

Torbay Weekly

Annette Powell has launched a new business in Brixham - with her late mum very much in mind.

The Motor Active Exercise Centre is designed to help relieve pain and suffering.

Annette says: "My dear mother had an amazing saying that has always stayed with me and that is ‘if you don’t use it you lose it’.  "She used this saying in respect of her Osteoarthritis with regards to her belief that movement and exercise was imperative to avoid her joints seizing up.

"Right up to her late 80s she would always walk to town and back, returning up the steep hill  Doctors always say exercise can help with many conditions, even mental health and this is so true.

" I have attended the gym regularly over the years as I have suffered with arthritis also. Exercise has helped my condition.  There was a period of time approximately eight years ago whereby I was unable to attend the gym and my knees began to become more and more painful.

"Someone mentioned a centre which has mechanical exercise chairs.  I decided to go along and also take my mum, at that time she was over 80..

"We really benefited from the experience. This was great for mum at her age as it required very little effort whereas I was able to increase the effort by changing the chair from slow to fast."

Annette said her mum was always very sociable but as she got older those opportunities of meeting new people to have a chat were not as available.

"She also benefited from the fact that even while she was sitting on the chair exercising, she was able to have a chat and a laugh with others which also helped her mental health," said Annetta.

The positive experience stayed with Annette. Then came the opportunity to open her own centre with mechanical chairs in Brixham.

She says: "I only opened at the beginning of May and already I am seeing and hearing the positive effects on individuals who are suffering with joint pain and other health issues.

"To hear the laughter of people coming together, some of whom have never met before.  I often wonder how my mother would have coped at this Covid time.

" I know she would have found it unbearable not only from the pain she would have experienced but also from the isolation and loneliness."