Angling: Early cold weather may have put mackerel back by few weeks

Torbay Weekly

In recent years August has been the month when the mackerel show in good numbers and, indeed, a few more are now being reported although the large shoals seem not to have arrived yet.

This could be a result of the early cold weather this year which put the summer fishing back by a few weeks.

There must be some bait fish around, however, as the bass anglers continue to catch from all marks around the region.

Exmouth's Andy Webb continues to catch from his local marks, this time his quarry fell to lugworm baits and Honiton SAC member Paul Salmon landed a fish in the region of 6lbs from the mighty Chesil Beach.

Also fishing Chesil, another Honiton SAC member, Mike Berry, caught a small but beautifully marked red gurnard.

These should now start showing in good numbers to fish or worm baits.

Elsewhere, the gilthead bream are still being caught.

The best of the week fell to the rod of Bryan Taylor a cracking fish of 6lbs 3oz.

Bryan was fishing alongside Will Booth and Daniel Patrick, who all caught these hard-fighting fish.

Exeter's Pete Gregory fished with Nick Smith at a rock mark in the South Hams using ultra-light LRF gear and ragworms for bait-targeted mini species and were rewarded with giant gobies - not a giant fish at all - blennies, shannies and scorpion fish.

They finished the day with a catch in excess of 40 fish, great fun and a method worth trying as it doesn’t involve lots of heavy tackle and can be done almost anywhere.

Beer Carnival held their annual self-drive boat competition from Beer beach with all 12 self-drives being booked for the four-hour competition.

This is a species event and the winner was Rob Sweetland with eight species. Top junior was Jack Squance with four species.

Thanks go to Simon Bartlett, of Beer Self-Drives, and members of Honiton SAC for organising the event and raising money for the carnival.

Steve Brettle got among the action again at Newbarn Angling Centre with a common carp of 19lbs on a boilie with Paul Dubois opting to fish Island Pool with lighter tackle and sweetcorn for bait land a common carp of around 4lbs.

The latest competition at Spring Ponds saw Elliot Fay take top weight of 56lbs with his bag of 22 carp the successful method being pellet fished on a bomb over a bed of smaller pellets.

Fishing isn’t always about catching fish as young Dylan and Reef Wilson found out when they fished Brixham Breakwater.

They spent a few hour trying to find some mackerel on float gear but with no luck.

However, they still had great fun out in the sunshine and fresh air.

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