Almanac from The Legendary 10 Seconds

Torbay Weekly

The prolific songwriters from The Legendary 10 Seconds have produced another new album, called the ‘Semi Acoustic Almanac 2021’.
The new record features some alternative versions to songs included on the two Torquay Pageant albums, which were a fabulous celebration of history in Torbay.
Founded by local musician Ian Churchward, The Legendary 10 Seconds have produced a number of terrific albums down the years, often based around the local area and historical themes, with contributions from various Torbay artists.
The majority of the ‘Semi Acoustic Almanac 2021’ was recorded over the past year and comprises 14 tracks, starting with the ‘Torquay Pageant Part One’
Some other classics to look out for include ‘Torquay Regatta;, ‘Country Fayre’, ‘The Half Angel’ and ‘William of Orange’.
Take a listen to the Almanac by visiting or find the artist on YouTube to brighten up your spring afternoon with superb local talent.