Mike Morey

All change for rubbish recycling in Right Stuff, Right Box campaign

Torbay Weekly

Residents in Torbay are being asked to recycle rubbish in a new way and with new resources.

As part of the new ‘Right Stuff, Right Box’ campaign, letters will be going out to all 62,000 Torbay households from this week along with coloured stickers for different boxes and a new bag for paper.

It is part of a bid by Torbay Council and SWISSCo to make it as easy as possible for people to recycle as much as they can.# press.

Later in the year there are also plans to introduce opt-in, charged for garden waste collections for residents – a paper is going to the Cabinet on July 12.

It is six times quicker for household recycling staff to empty recycling boxes that have already been sorted by local residents than it is for them to empty boxes that have not been sorted?

Householders in the Bay will get:

  • A green sticker for one recycling box for the following materials:
  • PlasticTins/cansAerosolsBatteries (bagged)Mixed textiles (bagged)
  • An orange sticker for the other recycling box for the following materials:
  • CardboardGlassOil (sealed)Small electricals
  • A new blue bag specifically for paper recycling will also be provided. You can put most types of paper in the blue bag – newspapers, magazines, catalogues, shredded paper, white envelopes, letters, leaflets and junk mail, coloured paper, phone directories.
  • Brown paper and brown envelopes cannot go in your blue bag because they are recycled differently and will need to go in your orange box instead.

Residents will still be able to use their existing food caddy for food waste recycling.

Torbay Council wants to increase recycling to 50 per cent and the new system to simplify household recycling is one of a number of steps SWISCo is taking towards this target.

They have also invested in new Romaquip recycling vehicles, recruited more drivers and employed new Recycling Support Coordinators who will be speaking to members of the public about the new recycling scheme.

Matt Reeks, managing director of SWISCo, said: “We have tried to make our new colour coded system as easy as possible and we think it will help people to understand. It is so much quicker for our crews if the recycling has already been sorted correctly and means rounds can be collected more quickly, and more materials can be recycled.

“From a residents’ point of view, this also means less delays behind our trucks and also means we burn less diesel which lowers our carbon footprint.”

Mike Morey cabinet member for environment, infrastructure and culture, said: “This is a great new initiative from SWISCo – like many local authorities it’s been a difficult time over the past couple of years with COVID and staff shortages, particularly drivers, but SWISCo have recruited a lot of extra staff and this new regime, along with the new recycling vehicles and our Recycling Support Coordinators, will help us all to get the right stuff in the right box and drive up recycling rates in Torbay.”