Air Ambulance hopes to fly high at county show with £10,000 fund-raising target

Torbay Weekly

Devon Air Ambulance is hoping to raise £10,000 from its three days at the Devon County Show.

Off-duty members of the crew will be attending the show along with one of their Critical Care Cars this weekend.

The target will offer a much-needed boost to the charity’s income following a challenging year for fundraising.

In 2021, a year in which post-lockdown restrictions limit access to destinations abroad, the southwest is even more attractive to those seeking some long-awaited downtime. A post-lockdown boom in activity looks set to mean more missions.

Following the introduction of the first lockdown in mid-March last year, activity noticeably dropped during March and April. However, as people began to return to the workplace and when schools re-opened in May/June, followed by non-essential shops, pubs and restaurants in July/August, the service experienced a prolonged busy period.

Later in the year, as the tiered system followed by a second lockdown came into force for the duration of October/November, crews returned to normal levels of deployment.

The lift to lockdown 2 in early December resulted in another spike of activity. January and March this year have been the busiest January and March in six years and February was the second busiest February in that time.

As the third lockdown eased, the service has seen another significant increase towards the summer months. For example, crews were deployed to more road traffic collisions in April than in any single month during either of the past two summers. April and May have been the busiest April and May in the last six years.

If the trend for post-lockdown spikes in deployment continues, coupled with the tendency for summer to be a busy time for Devon and its influx of visitors in a 'normal' year, the service is expecting and planning for a busy summer.

You will find them at the show on stand 253 on Road 8 opposite the bandstand.

Donate to help Devon Air Ambulance to reach their £10k target during the three days they are at Devon County Show here: