Absolutely ridiculous and selfish

Torbay Weekly

Torquay United manager Gary Johnson has described the latest plans for a European Super League as 'absolutely ridiculous and selfish' and warned that it threatened the whole culture of football as we know it.

Six Premier League clubs - Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur - are among 12 teams who have so far signed up to the ESL.

Representatives of the proposed midweek competition say they won't be put off by the widespread opposition which has come from all levels of the game at home and abroad.

Johnson said: "It's been going this way for a while, but this is absolutely ridiculous. It's just so selfish.

"The game is very European at the top level, or the foreign owners think that way, and they don't realise how passionate people are about their own leagues.

"They don't want to see their teams play Paris St Germain or Barcelona every week in what would almost be friendlies compared with big games in this country.

"I wouldn't change our way of doing things - it's still the best. But they have a different culture, and it (ESL) is going to kill ours if people aren't careful."