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About The Torbay Weekly

Welcome to our new website for the people and businesses of Torbay. A news website with a difference.

Local news will be at the heartof all we do, news about people, business, sport and the events that make Torbay such a vibrant place to live and work.

News that matters to Torbay and you.

There will also be a 'Beyond the Bay' section to let our readers and audience know what's happening outside the area.

Our reporters won't spend all their time chasing fire engines and bluelights. We want to be engaging and having a bit of fun with polls and competitions. We want to hear about your success stories. We want your celebration and party pictures.

We want to be 'Naturally Inspiring' and deliver 'Naturally Inspiring' content because that is just what beautiful Torbay is - 'Naturally Inspiring'

We will provide information that is important to the community. We like to write stories about new local businesses, highlight special events and bring you general information about anything that impacts the heart of that community. A news operation for the community by the community. Doing old-fashioned things in a modern-way for our readers and advertisers.

We are investing in Torbay with staff who know and love the resort. We are back in an office at the heart of the resort.

A 'Naturally Inspiring' resort. #nowisourtime