A night of camel fighter planes and immigrant quizzes

Torbay Weekly

Babbacombe and St Marychurch Probus Club member David Hinchliffe presented a talk entitled 'Camels over the Alps'.

The title was inspired by an historical account of air combat during World War I following the Battle of Caporetto on the Italian front. In 1917 this conflict between the Italians and the Austria-Germans resulted in an Italian military disaster when their troops retreated in North Eastern Italy.
David highlighted the role of the British Sopwith Camel single seat biplane fighter aircraft armed with machine guns. He detailed the active service of Lt Alan Jerrard who served in 66 Squadron and was the only Camel pilot to be awarded the Victoria Cross.

Camel Vice-chairman Ron Franklin explained Life in the United Kingdom, a guide for new residents and an examination required by the Home Office for all prospective immigrants seeking permanent leave to remain or citizenship.
Members completed multiple choice practice quizzes from the Government publication.

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