A cat is never ‘just a stray’ 

Torbay Weekly

At Feline Network, our outreach team are called out sometimes on a daily basis to scan a reported stray cat.

Many are in poor condition, most unneutered and considered a nuisance!

We all know how this scenario comes about, because of lack of neutering.

Sometimes, people have been feeding a particular cat for years, not knowing if there is an owner, often watching the cat get into a worsening health condition over time, getting scruffy, dirty, hungry.

That cat could be there for many reasons, got lost as a kitten, owner turfed them out, or the owner passed away and no one took on the care of the cat.

Cats get in cars, get spooked and run for miles, some get dumped a long way from home.

If we are fortunate, we will locate a chip – and if we are really lucky the chip details will be up to date!

So many people do not update the details, many even wrongly assume the vet who implanted the chip register it – wrong – many don’t and do not even inform the owner it is their responsibility.

We have reunited many cats over the years who were missing from home, one was found in Torquay and lived in York!

One was missing from three streets away for a number of years, recently our friends at Hector’s House reunited a cat who had been missing for 15 years!

Imagine the owner’s surprise! Although it is sad to think they missed out on most of their cat’s life.

So, if you are feeding a – what you consider to be – stray, contact local vets, cat rescues etc. We are all happy to scan the cat at no cost.

You might have been feeding a cat for a long time unknowing that they are ill, have tumours, females who we know have given birth and lost the kittens, no rescue will turn you away if you ask for help.

We might not have space there and then, but we will then know about the cat, can do some research to help locate an owner.

It's never just a stray.