'A bridge too far - Boris should fall on his sword'

Torbay Weekly

As I am writing this I am aware that the face of politics is likely to have changed by the time it is published – but the sentiments will remain the same.
The last few weeks have exposed the shocking state of our parliamentary system. Surely it is time for the mechanics of the selection process of being elected to parliament are made far more stringent. In the real world, I am sure that very few in the political arena would have made the cut in business. A few have got to the top of the greasy pole of commerce, but not that many. In days gone by, people climbed the political ladder for the very best and honourable reasons, to make a significant difference to the lives of the masses and character was all important. Nowadays, many who choose this route are not well equipped either mentally or morally for even a modicum of power.
I remember when I first started being involved with MPs and the House of Lords, advising on issues relating to sport. I was naïve back then and imagined that everyone elected to office would always be on their A game for their constituents. Sadly, on my first visit to Annie’s Bar, as usual there were numerous MPs in there, somewhat inebriated, and who subsequently had to be guided into the correct lobby to vote. I was initially shocked by the lack of focus and care for their voters, without whom they would not have a job, but I soon got used to it.
If the Prime Minister’s job was equated with that of a CEO of a public company or a Premier League football coach, he would be toast by now, together with his somewhat hapless cohorts. Unfortunately, the opposition is sadly inadequate and is rather limp at holding the government’s feet to the fire. You only get good government if the opposition party is good at holding them to account.
Personally, I have no respect for MPs who follow the party line for their own career advancement rather than follow their consciences and requirements of the people who voted them in. They should serve those who voted for them, not themselves. Party policy can be wrong, and they should be honest enough and have the integrity to put their constituents first and not their careers. Sadly, these political pygmies are unlikely to do the right thing!
True leaders are made of very special qualities. It used to be called “the right stuff” and described those who achieved greatness. Sadly, not qualities seen in great abundance in parliament these days. Great leadership is however, seen frequently in Her Majesty the Queen, and in particular, on the occasion of her beloved husband’s funeral. No doubt this was one of the worst days of her life, and yet due to Covid restrictions, she stood alone with no one to lean on or put an arm about her in her great sadness. She truly led by example.
The jokers in Downing Street have this time, breached a bridge too far, and even if the Prime Minister did not know about any parties, he is clearly not on top of his brief and for that alone he would be fired in the real world. He still hasn’t come clean on who exactly paid for the refurbishment of his flat. Just tell the truth Boris. Why on earth is it so difficult. Do I feel let down? You bet I do, and I am sure that most of the country do too. We have seen a masterclass in incompetence added to a determination not to answer any question directly. A sure sign of waffle and lying.
Sadly, there is no minimum level of intelligence, integrity or honesty required to become an MP, just, it seems, the commitment to follow the party whip! Trust and honour have become laughable in the current circumstances. There are a few politicians I still rate and I can only hope that they will stand up and sort out this awful mess and try to resurrect a little dignity and integrity in the government.
In my opinion, the Prime Minister should do the honourable thing and fall on his sword. Addiction to power can be deadly but most politicians eventually seem to embrace and relish it. I have always taken my vote very seriously as women died for us to have the right to vote, but for the very first time I may relinquish that right as I am frankly ashamed of the low standard of the current political incumbents. They should never forget that they are our employees and we pay their wages.