A bloody war zone through the eyes of an eight-year-old child

Torbay Weekly

Little girls usually paint pictures of Princesses or Unicorns.

But the painting which caught the eye of Jontie Williams at a special rally in Torquay was a far cry from a land of fantasy and magic.

It depicted an eight-year-old girl's life from in the middle of a bloody war zone.

Jontie attended the rally outside Torquay Town Hall on Saturday which was organised by local councillor and community champion Jack Dart to support for the people of Ukraine.

Jontie says: "The woman holding the picture was just one of the crowd who I chatted to briefly. She was from Ukraine but now living in Torquay. The picture was drawn by her eight-year-old niece who is living with her family in the cellar of a bombed building in Kyiv.

"You will notice the burning tank and the dead soldier with a leg missing, lying in a pool of blood. I don't know if the little girl in the drawing is the artist but it's all very poignant, seen through her young eyes."