$1billion man is an inspiration to all young athletes

Joseph Bulmer

The Euro’s 2020 group stages have had a slow start with a mixture of team performances and certain decisions which could have had an impact on results.

I was confused at the decision for Mason Mount and Ben Cherwell to be sent into self- isolation after it was discovered /announced that Billy Gilmore of Scotland had been tested positive following the game.

It was reported that Mount and Chilwell congratulated/ made contact with Gilmore following the final whistle so both players had to go into self-isolation.

If that was the case, then surely Gilmore throughout the game made contact with other England players and had travelled with the Scotland squad to the game, was in a changing room both at half time and full time with the entire Scotland squad and staff, which I would say was an area more likely for the virus to spread therefore putting the entire Scotland team in danger.

I would have assumed that the testing of all players and staff each day would confirm if the virus had spread to others and if so, make it easier to make any such decisions.

My assumed understand is that England were probably behind the decision as they were not prepared to take any slightest of risk in an effort to protect and safeguard the rest of the England squad.

Thankfully, without Mount and Chilwell, we were able to overcome the Czech Republic and progress into the round 16 finishing top of group D.

Wales’s Euro journey unfortunately came to an end on Saturday evening with a 4-0 defeat by Denmark.

Wales progressed through the group stage with some excellent team performances, drawing with Switzerland, beating Turkey and narrowly losing to Italy.

For a young team with little tournament experience, they possessed team understanding, energy, enthusiasm, were resilient when defending and were a danger to their opponents going forward.

They started well against Denmark and in the early stages looked to be the better team but a tactical change by the Danish manager completely changed the game and Wales struggled tactically to overcome the decision.

This confirms how important it is for managers/coaches to recognise when things are not quite going to plan on the pitch but have the ability and the courage to change things to help the team.

This can sometimes be changing/substituting a player or in this case a change of shape, moving a player playing in a back three to an advanced position in a defensive mid-field role.

Wales struggled following the change and looked tired and a little confused but they continued to try to press the ball high on most occasions which led to the team shape being stretched allowing Denmark space to play through the thirds, perhaps (hindsight is a wonderful thing) a change in the Welsh tactics to drop off and reserve energy to counter attack might have worked?

We will never know. Well done Wales.

Finally, Cristiano Ronaldo – an inspiration to young players.

Ronaldo is often considered the best player in the world and is widely regarded as one of the greatest players of all time - an inspiration to any young footballer.

His dedication, focus and professionalism has allowed him to become the greatest goal scorer of all time.

The Juventus forward has made history again during the Euro’s bagging a brace in Portugal’s 2-2 draw against France to draw level with Ali Daei as international football’s all-time record goal scorer.

The Juventus forward has scored 109 international goals in 178 appearances for his country, making him Portugal’s record goal scorer.

As well as that, he has scored 14 European Championship goals - more than any other player - and has the record for Champions League goals with 134 and Real Madrid goals on 451.

In European Championships and World Cups combined, Cristiano has 20 goals. Again that’s more than anyone else.

At the age of 36, Ronaldo has become the first footballer on the planet to cross the $1 billion mark in terms of net worth, making him only the third sportsman ever to reach the milestone, according to Forbes - Tiger Woods and Floyd Mayweather Jr being the other two.

The five-time Ballon d’Or winner has been named the fourth-highest earning celebrity this year by Forbes, the other three being Roger Federer, Kyle Jenner and Kayne West.

The forward’s earnings this year have been massively hit due to the coronavirus pandemic, as his salary has dropped when he agreed and took a 30 per cent wage cut.

It was interesting to hear how he uses negativity as a means of motivation to prove people wrong or win over their support.

Regardless of his wealth or fame, Ronaldo continues to show he still wants to be better - the best, and his hunger for success never wilts.

An amazing individual and an inspiration to all young athletes.